Paper Abstracts

Anna Accettola, "Invocation of Dushara at Diasporic Nodes as Evidence of Nabataean Trade Network"

Erica Angliker, "The Cult of Apollo Pythios and Delios in the Cycladic Archipelago and the Domain of the Sea"

Christopher Bishop, "Ave Maris Stella: The Maritime Cultus of the Madonna in Late Antiquity"

Sandra Blakely, "Angry dead and smooth sailing: chthonic forces, secure sealanes and distanciation in Apollonius of Rhodes’ Argonautica"

Adam Brennan, "Seagoing Heroes or Travelling Gods: The Dioskouroi and Anakes of Athens and the Aegean"

Amelia Brown, "Isis, Tyche and/or Fortuna? The Maltese Goddess of Mdina"

Megan Daniels, "Potnia and Pontia: Exploring the Bronze Age Background of Mediterranean Maritime Goddesses"

Gabriella Demaria, "Ducezio, the Oracle and the Foundation of Kalè Akté"

Antonio Pio Di Cosmo, "Helena, Constantine, and the water: The sign of passion as a means to dominate the forces of nature"

Shannon Dunn, "Saronic Poseidon: Sanctuary Landscapes and Cult Practices in a Maritime Neighborhood"

Meir Edrei, "There's a figurine at the Bottom of th eSea: Maritime Votive Offerings at Shavei Zion"

Christopher A. Faraone, "Throwing Curses in the Sea: A Lost Greek Tradition?"

Giuseppina Gadaleta, "Sailing with the Gods: divine protection of seafaring depicted on red figured pottery of South Italy"

Miguel Galles, "Sailing with Santa: the patronage of St. Nicholas through post-Byzantine Icons"

Georgia Irby, "Pilgrimage, Healing and Maritime Oracles: The Gallizenae of Sena, Achilles of Leuke and Apollo"

Michael Jones, "Material Evidence for 'Maritime' Religious Practice in Late Antique Asia Minor"

Amanda Knight, "Seafaring as a Conceptual Metaphor in Augustine of Hippo"

Mustapha Lakhlif, "Saint Augustin et la mer"

Carolina Lopez-Ruiz, "Sailing in Tartessos: Representations of Ships in Sacred Contexts and their Afterlife Motifs in SW Iberia"

Barbara Melton, "Storms, Sacrifice and Ecologic Alarm: A Cretan King's Journey from Ancient Troy into the Twenty-First Century"

Dane Munro, "The neo-thalassocracy of the Order of St. John: Identifying with the past"

Francesca Oliveri, "Naval Horns between Cult and Practical Function"

Annick Payne and Jorit Wintjes, "Danger Comes From the Sea"

Walter Penrose, "Maritime Trade: Sailors, Prostitutes, and the Cult(s) of Aphrodite/Astarte in Ancient Corinth"

Irene Polinskaya, "Sailing 'to, by, and with' the gods: Aiginetan divine companions across the Middle Sea"

Giulia Re, "When virgins travel by sea: marriage and landscapes in Aeschylus' Suppliant Women"

Y.S. Sanathana and Manjil Hazarika, "Varuna as Marine God: Iconography and Symbolism"

Eleni Santagati, "Dorieus and Timoleon - two maritime experiences compared"

Barbette Spaeth, "The Voyage to Corinth is Not for Every Man: Strabo 8.6.20: Sailors, Sex, and the Cult of Aphrodite/Venus at Corinth"

Gaius Stern, "The Last Voyage of Regulus, Sailing into Martrydom"

Kerasia Stratiki, "Pausanias III.23.8: Ἰνοῦς καλούμενον ὕδωρ.: Les différents aspects du mythe et du culte d'une divinité marine"

Valeria Tito, "Navigation and litolatry: votive anchors and consecrated stones. New interdisciplinary reflections on religious aspects"

Filippo Trotta, "Sailing further the death: A liminal divinity in the etruscan tomb of the inscriptions?"

Nathaniel Vette, ‘Water Gods and Swimming Pigs: Jesus and the Sea in the Gospel of Mark’ 

Greg Votruba, "Evidence of sailors' religious conscious derived from ancient anchor finds"

Shelley Wachsmann, "Stranger Things: Cultic Ships on Land in Ancient Egypt"

Bronwen Wickkiser, "Sea/Sick: Sailing with the Gods in Search of Healing in Greco-Roman Antiquity"

Vadim Witkowsky, "Book of Acts, chapter 28: Why Malta?"

Marina Zgrablic and Vesna Lalosevic, "Sailing in the Adriatic Sea in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages: Saintly Protagonists and Sacred destinations"

Angela Ziskowski, "Any Port in the Storm: Punic Worship at the Heraion of Perachora"

Boaz Zissu, "Graffiti of Sailing Vessels from the Hellenistic and Roman Periods in Jerusalem and the Judean Foothills, Israel"