Peter Bing Award: Now Accepting Applications for 2022

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Peter Bing Award for Summer Study in Classics:
now accepting applications for 2022!


Applications are open for the Peter Bing Award for Summer Study in Classics.  Initiated by Peter Bing, Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor Emeritus of Classics at Emory, and generously funded by Dr. Bing and many other Emory faculty and friends of the department, the prize offers funding for students pursuing study in Classics and related disciplines over the summer months. Up to $2000 is available for individual applications: both need and merit are considered in making the award.


Please submit you application to John Black at by March 15, 2022. 

Your application should include:

  1. Your name                                             
  2. Your major
  3. Your year of graduation
  4. A description of 500-800 words, detailing your plans for the summer and how these contribute to your academic goals. If you seek funding for an established summer program, please indicate when you will know whether or not you have been accepted
  5. A budget outlining  costs associated with the study
  6. Your plans to cover these costs, including application to other sources of funding 
  7. (optional) A statement of financial need. Here you may include whether or not you will undertake this study if you do not receive the award; your current Financial Aid from Emory; whether or not you have discussed your plans for Summer Study with your Financial Aid counsellor; your application to any other sources of funding.  All material submitted will be confidential and will not be discussed outside the selection committee, consisting of current Emory Classics Faculty
  8. The name of a faculty member in Classics or in a related discipline who can speak or write for you.
  9. Please include your signature and a brief statement giving us permission to view your transcript, should you become a finalist for the award