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Phillipa Lang


222G Candler Library



Jesus College, University of Cambridge, 1993-1997
B.A. 2:1 in Classics, June 1996 (M.A. 2000)
M. Phil in Classics, 1st class, July 1997
M. Phil. Thesis “The relationship between medicine and philosophy from the third century B.C. to the second century A.D.”

Darwin College, University of Cambridge, 1998-2001
Ph.D. in Classics, 2002
Doctoral Thesis, G.E.R. Lloyd, supervisor:
“Identity and Plurality: Medicine in Ptolemaic Egypt”



Cambridge University, October 1999 – June 2001:
Supervision of undergraduates for the Classics Tripos and the Philosophy Tripos
(for King’s, Corpus Christi, Downing, Robinson, and Emmanuel Colleges)
Humanities and Social Sciences Group Committee, Darwin College (Chair 2000-2001)
Education and Research Committee, Darwin College
‘B’ Club Treasurer, Faculty of Classics, Philosophy Caucus

Emory University: from 2002
January 2002 – August 2004: Mellon Fellow in Classics
August 2004 – May 30, 2007 and August  2008 -: Assistant Professor in Classics
Courses taught:
Ancient and Modern Science (with science faculty)
Body and Soul in Ancient Thought
Conceptualizing Egypt’s Natural World (with Prof. G. Robins);
Greek 101 and Greek 102
Greek and Roman Medicine
Greeks, Romans, Jews and Christians
Magic, Medicine and Cultural Identity
Women and Medicine in Antiquity
The Invention of Nature (freshman seminar)
Plagues, Spells and Crocodiles: Illness and Healing in the Ancient World
The Knowledge Economy (with Prof. N. Slater; freshman seminar)
Graduate Directed Reading: Hippocratic gynecology texts

Faculty seminars, committees, administration
Plato reading group of North Georgia
Seneca reading group at Emory
Gender and Performance Seminar: Center for Humanistic Inquiry, Emory University
Department sub-committee for future planning, 2004-5

Classics Department Honors Program Co-ordinator, 2005-2007; 2008-9, 2010-11
PreHealth Composite Letter Writer: 2008-9, 2010-11

In 2003 organized a conference on ancient science and philosophy ‘Reinventions: Hellenistic and Early Roman Science’ at Emory University; proceedings subsequently published.

Papers Given
‘Aristotle’s De memoria 452b ff.’ at the Cambridge-Lille Classical Philosophy Seminar, 2001
‘Royal Pharmaka: Medical Tropes in the Representation of Hellenistic Kings’ at CAMWS (Classical Association of the Midwest and South), Birmingham, Alabama, November 2002
‘Physicians at Court: Risks and Revelations’ at CAMWS, Lexington, Kentucky, March 2003
‘Egyptian medicine and Anonymus Londinensis 9.37’ at the ‘Approaches to Ancient Medicine’ conference, Department of Classics, University of Reading, August 2003
‘Medical and Ethnic Identities in Hellenistic Egypt’ at the ‘Reinventions: Hellenistic and Early Roman Science’ conference, Emory University, October 4-5,  2003
‘Ambiguous goats and other paradoxes in Callimachus’ Acontius and Cydippe’ at  CAMWS, Madison, Wisconsin, March 2005
‘Imhotep-Asklepios: Ethnic Identity and Temple Medicine in Ptolemaic Egypt’, Corpus Christi College Oxford (Emory-Corpus Exchange), March 2006
'Temple medicine in Egypt', St. Andrews University, February 2007.
'Seneca Natural Questions 2.21-31', Science and Empire Seminar, St. Andrews University, February 2007.
'Egyptian medicine through Greek eyes,' CAMWS southern section, Richmond, Virginia, October 2010.

‘Medical and Ethnic Identities in Hellenistic Egypt’ in Lang (ed.) Re-Inventions: essays on Hellenistic and Early Roman Science. Apeiron special issue XXXVII no. 4 (Kelowna, B.C.: Academic Printing and Publishing, December 2004) 107-131. ‘Introduction’ in ibid., 1-8.

‘Greek Science’ and ‘Roman Science’ in The Encyclopedia of Society and Culture in the Ancient World  ed. Peter Bogucki et al (Facts on File, 2007).

‘Goats and the Sacred Disease in Callimachus’ Acontius and Cydippe’, Classical Philology 104 no. 1 (January 2009) 85-90.

'The Ranking of the Goods at Philebus 66a - 67b', Phronesis 55 (2010), 153-69

‘264: Hecataeus of Abdera’ for Brill’s New Jacoby. General editor: Ian Worthingdon. Delivered to editor: 1 August 2010. 'Manetho' for same: under contract for 31 December 2010.

'Medicine in Egypt: the perception, prevention and management of illness from the Old Kingdom to the Greco-Roman period', Journal of Egyptian History (submitted July 2010).

A Dream of Healing: Medicine in Ptolemaic Egypt (under consideration by Brill)


R. Netz, The Works of Archimedes I, Journal of Hellenic Studies 125 (2005) 193-4.
G.E.R. Lloyd, Ancient Worlds, Modern Reflections: Philosophical Perspectives on Greek and Chinese Science and Culture, Aestimatio: Critical Reviews in the History of Science, January 2006.
Ph. van der Eijk, Medicine and Philosophy in Classical Antiquity, The Journal of the History of Philosophy 45.1 (January 2007) 151-2.
H. King ed. Medicine in Antiquity, Bulletin of the History of Medicine 82.4 (2008) 924-5.
B. Wikkiser, Asklepios, Medicine and the Politics of Healing in Fifth Century Greece, New England Classical Journal (forthcoming February 2011)


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