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Associate Professor, 
Department of Classics, Emory University
221 F Candler Library  Atlanta, GA 30322



Research Interests:
Fragmentary historical sources, anthropology and ethnography of the ancient world, history of religions and technology, digital approaches to the ancient world, including Geographic Information Systems and Network modeling

University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California
PhD, Classics and Anthropology, 1998

Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah
Bachelor's Degree, German and Humanities, 1982

Teaching Experience:
1999- Emory University: Assistant Professor (to 2005); Associate Professor (2005 to present)  Intensive Latin; Greek (Herodotus); Ancient Mediterranean Studies (Archaeology); Greek and Roman Religion; Mythology; Greek Archaeology; Bronze Age Archaeology; Classics and Anthropology; Magic, Mysteries, and Festivals; Greek Death
1992-     California State University, Long Beach:  Assistant Lecturer
1996       Greek Mythology; Intensive Latin
1989-     University of Southern California, Department of Classics:  Teaching Assistant
1993       Roman Civilization; Classical Mythology; Psychoanalysis of Dream and Myth; Comedy

2016  forthcoming: Review, Cruccas, Gli dei senza nome, JHS
2015 “Maritime Risk and Ritual Responses: Sailing with the Gods in the Ancient Mediterranean”, in Oceanides, C. Buchet and P. de Souza, ed.s, submitted.
“Human geography, GIS technology, and ancient mysteries: a case study from the island of Samothrace”, Getty Research Journal 7, February 2015
Alexander Polyhistor, (FGH 273), Brill’s New Jacoby: online publication of translation and commentary 
“Beyond Braudel: Network models and a Samothracian Seascape”, in L. Mazurek and C. Concannon, ed.s, Across the Corrupting Sea, forthcoming from Ashgate: submitted.  
“The Anthropology of an Island Cult: Samothrace and the Science of man in the Nineteenth century”, in E. Varto, ed., The Classics and Early Anthropology, Brill: submitted
2014 “The Archaeology of Greek Religion”,  Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology
From the Mountain to the Sea: Seascapes, Gender, and an Island Cult”, submitted to IEMA Volume VI: Engendering Landscape (Suny Buffalo)
“Superstition”, “Kabeiroi”, and “Samothrace”, entries in The Cambridge Dictionary for Ancient Mediterranean Religion, E. Orlin, ed.
2013 “Daimones in the Thracian Sea: Mysteries, iron, and metaphor”, Archiv für Religionsgeschichte 14(1): 155-182
2012 “Toward an archaeology of secrecy: power, paradox, and the Great Gods of Samothrace”in Y. Rowan, ed., Beyond Belief: The Archaeology of Religion and Ritual, Archaeological Papers of the American Anthropology Association, vol. 21(1): 49-71.
2011  Conon (FGH 26), Brill’s New Jacoby: online publication of translation and commentary “Hephaistos”, “Vulcan”, and “Kouretes”, Wiley-Blackwell’s Encyclopedia of Ancient History
2010  “Kadmos, Jason, and the Great Gods of Samothrace: initiation as mediation in a Northern Aegean context”, Electronic Antiquity 11.1
2009  “Ancient  Mysteries, Modern Secrets”, proceedings of the Conference on the Mysteries,  Electronic Antiquity 12.1 (2008):  Introduction, and editing of articles Herodorus (FGH 31) Brill’s New Jacoby:  online publication of translation and commentary.
2008 BMCR 2008.07.33: Review of E. Kyriakidis, The Archaeology of Ritual Classical Bulletin 84: 111-113, Review of F. Naiden, Ancient Supplication
2007 “Pherekydes’ Daktyloi: ritual, technology, and the Presocratic Perspective”, Kernos 20: 43-67
2006 Myth, Ritual and Metallurgy in Ancient Greece and Recent Africa, Cambridge University Press
2000 “Madness in the Body Politic: Kouretes, Korybantes, and the Politics of Shamanism,” in J. Hubert, ed., The Archaeology and Anthropology of Madness, Disability and Social Exclusion, Part 2 of Mind and Body in Society.
1999"Smelting and Sacrifice," in S. Young, Metals in Antiquity, Oxford Archaeopress.

Ongoing Projects:

Samothrace: The Anthropology of an Island Cult
. Book manuscript in preparation.

Guest editor for, “Gods, Objects and Ritual processes”, volume 1 in Journal for Ancient Mediterranean Religions (Lockwood Press)

“From Dardanos to the Philosophers: Initiation and Imagination in Roman Samothrace.”  Article in preparation for Classical Philology.

“Magnetism, Mysteries, and the Aesthetics of Secrecy: Iron rings from the Sanctuary of the Great Gods of  Samothrace”,  historical and archaeometallurgical analysis, in cooperation with Dr. Yannis Maniatis, Laboratory of Archaeometry, Aghia Paraskevi, Greece, of 32 iron ringer rings from the site of Samothrace, article to be submitted to Hesperia

Selected Papers:
2014 “Beyond Braudel: GIS Technology and a Samothracian Seascape”, AIA Annual Conference, Chicago
“Samothracian Hermes: From Kadmos to Priapus”, Tracking Hermes: Conference at UVA “Samothracian networks: GIS, epgraphy and connectivity at the Greek gateway to the Black Sea”, European Association of Archaeologists, Istanbul
2013 “Emboding Samothrace: the mountain and the sea”,  Institute for European and Mediterranean Archaeology Visiting Scholar Conference, SUNY Buffalo
2012  “Mapping the Mysteries: GIS as a pedagogical aid in the history of Religions”,  CAMWS, Baton Rouge “Broken Data, Abstract Models: a digital response to the Samothracian Mysteries”, SAMR conference, Brown University
2011  “Modeling the mysteries: GIS technology, network models, and the cult of the Great Gods of Samothrace’, Digital Classicist Seminar Series, King’s College London 
“More than pilgrimage: Samothrace, GIS, and Safety at Sea”, Society for Biblical Literature conference, San Francisco   “Mystery gods at the Circus Maximus:  Samothracian rites at Rome’, CAMWS, Grand Rapids, Michigan
2010 “Beyond Silence: Soteriology, Samothrace, and the concept of secrecy”, paper in the panel  “Salvation in the Mystic Cults”, CAMWS, Oklahoma City  
 “From Dardanus to the Philosophers: Initiation and Imagination in Roman Samothrace”, Walsh Lecture, University of Chicago, November “Seafaring and the Sacred: Mediterranean Networks and the cult of the Great Gods of Samothrace”, Workshop, University of Chicago “Imagining Insurance: Safety at Sea and the Samothracian Rites”, PAMLA, Honolulu
2009 Reponses to papers at Society for Ancient Mediterranean Religions conference, Rome: G. Casadio, “From Eusebeia to Threskeia”, L. Gawlinski, “Finding the Sacred in Greek
Sacred Law”
2007 “Samothrace: iron, indigenes, and the archaeology of secrecy,” University of Cincinnati, Ohio University, Wooster College, and Corpus Christi College, Oxford
 “From Kouretes to Kpelle: Rites of Passage and Comparative Studies,” Rites of Passage of the Life Cycle in Antiquity Conference, Getty Museum, Malibu
2006  “Iron, Ritual, and the Archaeology of Secrecy,” Society for American Archaeology, San Juan “Samothracian Penates and the Colonial Project,” The Mythology and Iconography of
Colonization Conference, Cuma, Italy
“Samothrace: the mysteries in their Northern Aegean Context”, Ohio University
“Iron, invention, and cosmology: Greek reflections on the technological past”, Theoretical Archaeology Group Conference, Exeter, England
2005 “Gender, Magic and Metallurgy between Greece and Africa,” Langford Conference, Greek Religion and the Orient, Florida State University

Professional Activity:
2013  Organizer, Gods, Objects and Ritual Practice, Society for Ancient Mediterranean Religions conference at Emory University
2013-14 Chair, CAMWS Excavations and Field School Award Committee
2012-13 CAMWS committee on resolutions
2012  Association of Ancient Historians, chaired panel, Historical Geographic Information Systems: Questions and Applications at UNC and Duke
2010- editor for Greek Religion section, Wiley-Blackwell Religion Compass
2007-  Committee on Admissions and Fellowships, American School of Classical Studies
2006  organizer, Ancient Song in Cross-Cultural Perspective: Ritual, Performance, and History, conference at Emory University
2002 organizer, Conference on the Mysteries: Ancient Mystery Religions and the
Anthropology of Secrecy, at Emory University

Emory service:
2001-14 Local chapter representative, Archaeological Institute of America
2010-     Chair, Humanities Subcommittee, URC
2010      “Heroes, Horses, and Hoplite of Unusual Size” lecture in support of the museum’s celebration of the anniversary of Marathon
2008-     member, Humanities Subcommittee, URC
2007-13 Director, Program in Ancient Mediterranean Studies
2011      Reading group, Carlos Museum: Theogony
2011      Great Works Series, Bill and Carol Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry: Odyssey
2012      Reading group, Carlos Museum: Prometheus Bound
2013      Docent training, Carlos Museum: Pyrotechnology

Academic Awards: 
2013-14 Villa Scholar, Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles
2010-11 Fellow, Bill and Carol Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry, Emory University
2007-10 Winship Distinguished Associate Research Professorship, Emory University
2006-07 Margot Tytus Fellowship, University of Cincinnati University Research Center grant, Emory University
2003 NEH Summer Seminar, “Roman Religion in its Cultural Context”     
2000-01 Junior Fellow, Center for Hellenic Studies, Washington DC
1998-99 National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship, Albright Institute, Jerusalem
1998 American Academy in Rome, Summer Program in Archaeology
1997 George A. Barton Fellowship, Albright Institute, Jerusalem
1996-97 Jacob Hirsch Fellowship, American School of Classical Studies, Athens
1994 Douglas Nelson travel award, Classics Department, USC
1991 Ellen N. Lawler Summer Session Fellowship, American School of Classical Studies, Athens
1989-92 Dean's Graduate Fellowship, University of Southern California
1982 Graduation with High Honors, Brigham Young University
1977-81 Spencer W. Kimball Scholarship, Brigham Young University


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