2020-2021 Q&A

CONSTRUCTION ZONE-Please be patient as this page and our website are currently being edited frequently because of changing information related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who can answer my CL/GRK/LAT questions?

I have questions about CL, GRK, LAT courses. Whom do I contact?

We are asking everyone who has questions about Classics, Greek, or Latin courses; advising; or other related matters to contact our Department of Classics Academic Degree Program Coordinator, Ms. Kim Oliphant (kmoliph@emory.edu). She will make sure that you are connected with the people in the department who have the best answers possible. This will probably be Dr. Dickson (Director of Undergraduate Studies), Dr. Blakely (Department Chair), or both, so don’t be surprised to see your email answered by them.

Picture of Kim Oliphant sitting behind her desk in the Department of Classics main office. Dr. Katrina Dickson leaning against an exterior brick wall. Dr. Sandra Blakely wearing sunglasses and sitting on a wall in Greece with the ocean behind her.

Ms. Kim Oliphant
Program Coordinator

Dr. Katrina Dickson

Dr. Sandra Blakely

Classics "open office hours" advising sessions via Zoom

I’d really like to talk to someone in person. Is that possible?

Yes. We have scheduled four sessions of “open office hours” for advising and other questions on Zoom with Dr. Katrina Dickson (Director of Undergraduate Studies) and Ms. Kim Oliphant (Department of Classics Academic Degree Program Coordinator).


Please read the following before clicking on a session below:

  • There is one office hour session scheduled before each round of registration windows.
  • Office hours sessions are open to all students.
  • If a session is crowded, priority may be given to the students whose registration window is next.
  • Registration is required for security reasons.
  • You can help things run more smoothly by doing the following:
    • Pre-Register NOW!—Click on the registration link now and register ahead of time, not just before the meeting starts (though if you forget or find out at the last minute, that’s OK!).
    • Be patient—Zoom has changed some settings and there may be a few hiccups. You may be in the waiting room for a few minutes at the beginning of the office hour when approvals are happening.
    • Sign into Zoom FIRST—Sign in through the Emory Zoom site BEFORE trying to click on the meeting link (open it in a separate browser window or tab in your browser, go to the link above, click on login).
    • Have questions ready—Have a list of your questions ready to go so that you don’t forget anything.


Links for Registration:

In-person vs. online only courses

What if a class I need/want to take is only listed as being offered in-person?

Contact us ASAP if a Classics, Greek, or Latin course that you need/want to take is only listed as being offered in-person. We are committed to working with our students to make sure that they are able to enroll in the courses that they need. Please do not give up on taking a course or make a decision to return to campus solely because one of our courses is currently only offered in-person. If you need/want to take a course online because you do not feel comfortable or safe coming to campus, we need to know that so that we can attempt to come up with the best solution possible. We can only help you if we know that you need help.


What if a class I need/want to take is only listed as being offered online?

Classics, Greek, or Latin courses that are listed as being offered online will not also be offered in-person. If one of our courses is only listed as being offered online, that is the only way it will be offered this semester.





Is online only a possibility for me? For Emory?

Can I take courses online only? Can I take a mix of courses?

You can take courses online only whether you are someplace else or at Emory. You can obviously only take a mix of courses in Atlanta. The current plan is for courses either to be in-person or online, but if you need to quarantine or become ill, plans are in place to ensure that you can continue your courses


What happens if Emory College of Arts and Sciences switches to online only courses? Is that a possibility?

The current pandemic could require Emory to move to online only learning for the safety of students, faculty, and staff. If this happens, we will try to update this space as quickly as possible with the most accurate information in our possession, but the following web pages should always have the most recent and up-to-date information:

Emory College Forward – Information for the entire University

Emory College of Arts and Sciences – Information specifically pertaining to Emory College

Emory COVID-19 Updates – Information about the COVID-19 pandemic for everyone.

When do I (re)-register for classes?

What is the timeline for re-registration?

June 16 Academic Advising available through College Connect
June 26 Enrollment Times Available in OPUS
July 1 University Course Atlas updated.
OPUS Shopping Cart Opens
July 9 // 12 pm - 11.59 pm Seniors (90+ earned hours) register for 8 hours
July 10 // 12 pm - 11.59 pm Seniors (90+ earned hours) register remainder of schedule
July 14 // 12 pm - 11.59 pm Juniors (60 – 89.99 earned hours) register for 8 hours
July 15 // 12 pm - 11.59 pm Juniors (60 – 89.99 earned hours) register remainder of schedule
July 17 // 12 pm - 11.59 pm Sophomores (0 – 59.99 earned hours) register for 8 hours
July 20 // 12 pm - 11.59 pm Sophomores (0 – 59.99 earned hours) register remainder of schedule
July 21 (12 pm) – Aug 1 (11.59 pm) Add/Drop/Swap for continuing and new transfer students
Aug 2 – Aug 16

Add/Drop/Swap pauses for continuing and new transfer students to allow Class of 2024 to register

  • August 6-7 = OUE enrolls First Year Students (Class oc 2024)
  • August 10-11 = First Year Students registerremainder of schedule
August 17 // 12 pm Add/Drop/Swap reopens for all students
August 19 First Day of Class
August 26 // 11.59 pm Add/Drop/Swap ends for Fall 2020 Semester

Permission Numbers

What do I do if I need a permission number for a course?

If you need a permission number for a course for any reason, please contact Ms. Kim Oliphant (kmoliph@emory.edu) for help. This is the procedure for all students requiring permission numbers (honors students, students in other schools such as Candler School of Theology or Laney Graduate School, etc.). Please do not contact individual instructors requesting permission to take their classes or permission numbers, contact Ms. Oliphant and explain your need to her, and she will help you with your request.

Other questions and answers

If you have other questions (especially general ones) about Fall 2020 at Emory, we recommend that you try the Emory College complete list:

Fall 2020 FAQs