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Peter Bing Award for Summer Study in Classics (2017)

The purpose of the Bing Award is to make summer study in Classics and related disciplines more available to students pursuing work in Classics. Both need and merit will be considered in making the Award.

This year we believe we have enough funding available to offer support in the amount of about $1000. In the future, we hope and expect to be able to increase that figure through donations and investment.

To apply, submit to Garth Tissol by March 1, 2017 an application containing the following items:

1) Your name.                                                
2) Your major.
3) Your year of graduation.
4) A brief (about one paragraph) description of what you plan to do for summer study and how you expect that to contribute to your academic goals.
5) A rough budget which gives costs associated with the study and how you anticipate covering them.
6) (optional) A statement of financial need, addressing such questions as:  Will you still be able to undertake this study if you do not receive the Bing Award?  Are you currently receiving financial aid from Emory? If so, have you discussed your plans for Summer Study with your Financial Aid counsellor?  All material submitted will be confidential and will not be discussed with anyone beyond the faculty members who are selecting recipients. 
7) The name of a faculty member in Classics or in a related discipline who can speak or write for you.
8) Please include your signature and a brief statement giving us permission to view your transcript if you are a finalist for this award and certifying that all information provided is accurate.  If you are submitting by e-mail, this statement may be contained in an e-mail coming from an e-mail account with your name on it.

A New Classics Medal: The Sufian-Passamano Prize in Classical Civilization

In 2012/13, through the vision and support of James Passamano (C ’85), the Classics department was able to revive the McCord Medal for Latin and Reppard Medal for Greek after a hiatus of 70 years (see the story at http://news.emory.edu/stories/2013/05/er_classics_medals/campus.html).

Many of us had long desired to give greater recognition also to the outstanding work on the ancient world that students of our department were doing outside the languages. Happily, in 2013/14 we were able to realize that long-cherished wish when that same alumnus, Mr. Passamano, along with his wife, Beth Sufian (C ’86), generously agreed to support the design and ongoing production of a new medal, the Sufian-Passamano Prize in Classical Civilization.

Complementing the revived McCord and Reppard, this new prize brings our Classics medals into the modern age, since “Classical Civ.” now forms such a crucial part of our mission. Our first winner of the Sufian-Passamano Prize was Daniel Kuzmanovich ’14. He received his medal at our awards ceremony this past April 29th, 2014, with our benefactors James Passamano and Beth Sufian in attendance.






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